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(8W, 2M, 1 Non Binary)

Everyday after school, a group of misfit teens sip on carbonated water and meet in a small attic to discuss their favorite books, listen to records, and criticize tragic fashion. Their goal? To determine what is cool and what is absolutely uncool. When they happen upon a trendy urban outfitters guidebook on witchcraft and magic, they immediately know it is the coolest book they have ever laid their hands on. As they learn how to cast spells and transform into real-life witches, they won’t realize that what they are doing may not be so cool after all. The Cool Kids Wear Black Lipstick is a comedic drama about unintentional appropriation, trying to fit in, and what happens when we tailor ourselves to become something we are not.


THE tenants

(32 NON GENDER SPECIFIC characters)

How did that sad little run-down house end up in such a gorgeous wealthy neighborhood? In the middle of a street, surrounded by giant, beautiful, PRISTINE mansions, is a dirty home littered with rotting trash, old furniture, and random forgotten objects. A group of friends from the neighborhood speculate how a house may have gotten this way. Through each new theory, the kids act out vastly different scenarios — mini plays, if you will — in imaginative, ridiculous, humorous, and sometimes even musical ways. But the reality of this home’s history may be a darker story than anyone could have imagined.

ACTING MANITOU, july 2019. Directed by Chris Murrah. scenic design by BP Houle; lighting design by charlotte mcpherson; costume design by Alyssa Korol. Photography by mark garlasco.

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